Ny festival i Bergen

Ny festival i Bergen

There will be Doom. There will be Thrash. There will be Black metal. Bergen gets a brand new metal festival!

Ladies and metal gents, we’re extremely happy to announce a brand new metal festival in Bergen this summer.

Beyond the Gates (yes, it’s indeed named after the seminal Possessed album we all love dearly) will take place at the Garage rock club the last weekend of August – the 23rd – 25th to be precise.

Comments current Beyond the Gates booking agent, Torgrim Øyre:

“We want to focus on less established bands that we believe deserve attention. Beyond the Gates is here to give the genuine metal lover a place to experience new great music together with fellow hardcore fans."

Beyond the Gates takes pride in being an alternative for those who still like to indulge in the vibrant underground scene and search for exciting new artists in the various niches black, death, thrash, doom and heavy metal.

Bergen has played a crucial role when it comes to extreme metal for the past 20 years and we see it as our task to provide this great city with a place where metal music is celebrated and cherished.

The festival will also present a selection of established favorite artists, but is primarily a place for rising stars.

Beyond the Gates promise a full-on weekend with shit loads of great bands, DJ’s, listening parties and all the mayhem that comes with a festival of this nature.

See you in all in Bergen.


Confirmed artists include:

Nekromantheon (N)

Norway’s premiere thrash outfit has released one of the best albums to come out of the Norwegian underground in years. "Rise, Vulcan Specter" is a tour de force of old school thrash. And even better, they’re absolutely killer live.


You don’t have to come from Great Britain to play British Heavy Metal. RAM from Sweden takes everything that made Judas Priest and Iron Maiden great in their early years and combines it with the fierce energy of the north. Check out their brilliantly crafted third album "Death".

Mare (N)

Shrouded in obscurity, this Norwegian black metal band has been going for close to 10 years but have rarly been seen on the live stage. Needless to say, we’re very proud to present what might be their final show on Norwegian soil for the unforeseeable future. Mare delivers ceremonial black metal in its purest form.

Svartidaudi (ISL)

Svartidaudi from Iceland is one of the most promising black metal bands to emerge from the underground these days. Their new album “Flesh Cathedral” is a spellbinding effort, taking the listeners into uncharted territory with its original approach. If you’re into Deathspell Omega, you will be thrilled by Svartidaudi.

Assaulter (AUS)

All right, so what would a metal festival without a band from Australia come to? Pretty daft, we would assume. Assaulter is no holds barred in your face speed and thrash metal with the spirit of the old masters Sodom and Kreator running through their veins. With a touch of old school black metal, we might add.

Deathhammer (N)

Deathhammer from Oslo has been a cherished underground act for years. Earlier this year, their fantastic new album “Onward to the Pits” surfaced to great acclaim by fans and critics. Deathhammer is another classic thrash band you cannot afford to miss.