HAVOK – Time is Up

HAVOK – Time is Up

Thrash metal is just as hot as the 80’s and there’s a whole bunch of bands out there in the big world trying to break out. So-called modern thrash has gained a foothold in central Europe, while in Scandinavia and the U.S. the bands are mainly inspired by the Bay Area scene. Some crossover band has some success, but this to a lesser extent.

One of those American bands that swear to the true thrash metal is the Colorado-based thrashers Havok. "Time Is Up" is their second album and here you get fast riffs, driving bass lines, pounding screams, harsh transitions and heavy riff-based sections  – all served with a modern sound added a little touch of the old from the first half of the 80ies.

Obviously inspired by Metallica, David Sanchez and Reece Scruggs rages with quick riffs while Jesse de Los Santos delivers driving bass lines in the best Cliff Burton style and drummer Pete Webber blasts away and together they deliver a thrash metal album of real quality.

Personally I find my favorites in "No Amnesty" and in the subsequent song, "DOA," but this is obviously just a matter of taste. There are many good songs here and the album is straight through wonderful. Now it’s time for beer. Cheers.