GOATSNAKE reunion under Roadburn 2010

GOATSNAKE reunion under Roadburn 2010






The Wait Is Over! Roadburn is very pleased to report that seminal doom-legends Goatsnake will reunite for Roadburn Festival 2010.



Featuring the original line up of Greg Anderson (Sunn 0))) / Guitars), Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed / Bass), Greg Rogers (The Obsessed / Drums) and Pete Stahl (Scream / Wool / earthlings? / Vocals) Goatsnake will headline the Thursday Roadburn date, April 15th2010.



With two classic-albums under their belt ("I", re-released on Southern Lord & "Flower of Disease"), Goatsnake have forged a considerable niche in the heavy rock underground over the last decade with their signature Sunn guitar sound. Pete Stahl's clean, soulful vocals have always been at the heart of Goatsnake's low and slow bulldozer rock as well, setting them apart from their peers. Goatsnake‘s influence can still be heard and felt throughout the current stoner and doom scene, even after such a long hiatus. 


Greg Anderson comments: "Roadburn is hands down the only festival that consistently has a lineup that I personally would like to see. Being asked to perform with Goatsnake is an honor and a privilege. I'm really fucking stoked to play music with Greg, Guy and Pete again. We will do our absolute best to kick as much ass as possible!"


We are truly looking forward to the melodic, low-end assault that Goasnake will bring to the festival, as we consider ourselves very lucky with this highly anticipated reunion.  


In other related news, Reunited doom metal giants YOB will be making their European live debut with two different shows at next year's Roadburn Festival.


Even during their hiatus, YOB have maintained their position in the vanguard of contemporary doom because of the quality and originality of their mind bending doom-metal. Now they have returned and are prepared to reach even greater heights (and doom depths). The band's latest album, "The Great Cessation" is definitely YOB's finest hour. Led by Mike Scheidt's crushing doom riffage and relentless stomp, YOB have easily reclaimed their rightful cosmic doom throne while generating new fans and momentum.
Roadburn will celebrate YOB's return to the fold by offering the band the opportunity to play different shows at both the 013 venue, and the Midi Theatre during the festival.
Mike Scheidt comments: "YOB is quite thrilled to announce our first European trip to play the most excellent Roadburn festival in 2010. We have wanted to come over to Europe to play for many years and to have our first show be at Roadburn is beyond incredible for us. We are looking forward to sharing in the atmosphere of the fest with all of the excellent bands and fans that will be in attendance. April will not get here soon enough! DOOM!!!"


Roadburn 2010, including Tom Gabriel Warrior's special event entitledOnly Death Is Real and Candlemass' 25th Anniversary show will run for three days from Thursday, April 15 to  Saturday, April 17 at the 013 venue and Midi Theatre in Tilburg, Holland. There will be an additional afterburner event on Sunday, April 18, 2010.


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