Ny CYNIC låt online

Ny CYNIC låt online

Upcoming release: "Traced in Air" (CD digibook and strictly limited box set)
MP3 – CYNIC – Traced in Air – Integral Birth

The time has come to let you crazy CYNIC fans hear a full track off the prog metallers' upcoming "Traced in Air" album. Download the "Integral Birth" song here and get carried away…

Don't forget the special box set edition of "Traced in Air", strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide, is available exclusively through the Season of Mist mailorder!

You can pre-order it here.

  • "Traced in Air" in acrylic DVD case
  • compressed t-shirt
  • USB flash drive
  • Cynic guitar pick
  • exclusive book
  • pull out large full color poster of album cover painting
  • exclusive stickers with Venosa artwork from the record

The book is a one of a kind translucent 20 page journal booklet (magnifying glass included), with personal notes, lyric sketches, rare photos, thoughts and dreams taken directly from CYNIC's universe, mostly consisting of Paul Masvidal's personal journals which tell the story of "Traced in Air" and his own creative process as a songwriter. Equally lucid and esoteric, a true CYNIC fan will cherish the raw beauty of this unique and profound piece of art.

To US residents: the box should be sold on your territory via the Century Media and Relapse mailorders, which should help you save on shipping costs.

The limited box set edition of DAGOBA's "Face the Colossus" album is also available exclusively through the Season of Mist e-shop. Please keep in mind both box sets won't be shipped before another two weeks, but you can pre-order them right HERE, right NOW!