THE AMENTA slipper første låt fra “n0n”

THE AMENTA slipper første låt fra “n0n”



The Amenta, Australian extreme music collective, have begun streaming the first preview track from the long awaited new album ‘n0n’, entitled “Slave”.. Find it at


“Slave”, featuring guest vocals from a well known undisclosed figure, ties together The Amenta’s obsessions of ugly, dirty noise and clinical metallic precision. “Slave” is something new, in a musical landscape filled with cheap imitation. The Amenta succeeds where others fail.



“Slave” comes from the album ‘n0n’. "n0n", the long awaited follow up to the debut "Occasus", sees The Amenta redefining extreme music. Rather than relying on the clichéd shit in which other bands are content wallow, The Amenta have constructed an album built on new ideas, new concepts, new sounds and new techniques. "n0n" is the fusion of whitenoise, shards of dissonant guitars and dense layers of radio chatter. Lyrically, "n0n: is a newscast, showing you the shit around you. Suicide bombers and evangelists, freeways and dead ends. 'n0n' stands as an indictment on today’s media and technology addicted society.


'n0n' Release Date: October 20

Listenable Records


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