CRONIAN @ Indie Recordings

CRONIAN @ Indie Recordings



Indie Recordings is proud to announce the world class avant-garde metal act – CRONIAN.


CRONIAN is a project by Borknagar's main songwriter/guitarist Øystein G. Brun and Vintersorg and as fans of both musicians and their respective bands it's an honour for us at Indie Recordings to get to work on this amazing band. They made a serious impact on the scene with their 2006 debut "Terra" and their second album is now settled and ready for take off.


All the material is recorded at the band's respective studios and produced by the band in order to keep the artistic authenticity. But contrary to the debut, the band this time around decided to go to a professional studio(Ballerina Audio, Sweden) to mix and master the album. And that decision paid off big time. The album comes with a crystal- clean sound yet the production is aggressive and mighty with a unique overall atmosphere.  The new album will represent a musical boost of another world. A musical expedition that will challenge as well as please the listeners that dares to follow the band on their journey!

Attached is the front cover for their upcoming release and a press pic.


The album title for the new album is "ENTERPRISE" and is due to be released on October 27th


Tracking list as follows:


  1. Diamond Skies
  2. Arcades
  3. Nine Waves
  4. Project Hibernation
  5. Cirque
  6. Deportation
  7. Moving Panorama
  8. The Encounter
  9. End(durance)- Part II



In a press statement the band comments the signing and the upcoming album:


Being friends and associates of INDIE RECORDINGS for years, we are firmly sure that this cooperation will bring the CRONIAN expedition to new boundaries, even beyond boundaries. This second CRONIAN album feels like a quantum leap for our band's musical evolvement and even for us as musicians. We are genuinely proud to finally get this album out to all the genuine music lovers around the globe. We really believe that this album offers something really unique in terms of atmosphere combined with agression, something nobody has done before!





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