Artwork til nye skiva til THE AMENTA

Artwork til nye skiva til THE AMENTA




n0n”, the long awaited follow up to the debut “Occasus”, sees The Amenta redefining extreme music. Rather than relying on the clichéd shit in which other bands are content wallow, The Amenta have constructed an album built on new ideas, new concepts, new sounds and new techniques. “n0n” is the fusion of whitenoise, shards of dissonant guitars and dense layers of radio chatter. Lyrically, “n0n: is a newscast, showing you the shit around you. Suicide bombers and evangelists, freeways and dead ends. 'n0n' stands as an indictment on todays media and technology addicted society.

to be released on October 20th.



THE AMENTA – 'n0n’ :


1. On

2. Junky

3. Vermin

4. Entropy

5. Slave

6. Whore

7. Spine

8. Skin

9. Dirt

10. Atrophy

11. Cancer

12. Rape



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