BOB HUND til Roskilde

BOB HUND til Roskilde

Bob Hund returns at Roskilde '08 The Swedish heroes are added to the programme along with The Duke Spirit and Queen Ifrica.

We have not heard from them for a long time. The party-starting Swedes have been lying still in the basket.

But now the popular crazy rockers are back. And this summer's very first and long awaited revisit from the band will happen at Roskilde Festival.

BobHund_Roskilde.jpgBOB HUND (S) has delivered lots of madness and humour to the Swedish song treasury. The band is a unique and inspired distillation of The Pixies, Pere Ubu and The Smiths with a true blue and yellow colour. Bob Hund went for a walk on the English hunting grounds under the moniker Bergman Rock, but now they are back in the shape that first made everyone jump around to the mad Swedish sounds.

Garage rock and reggae
We add another two acts to the programme, and they take us all the way from the Swedish wooden houses across British rock clubs to Jamaica's melting sun.

THE DUKE SPIRIT (UK) has existed since 2002, but the live shows foretell a future spot next to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Kills. Their specialty is sexy garage rock from the big city, and the single "My Sunken Treasure" also flirts with Motown soul.

QUEEN IFRICA (JAM) combines classic, spiritual roots reggae with the aggressive and bodily energy from dancehall. She has a crystal-clear singing voice, a bouquet of dazzling melodies and an unmistably Jamaican dialect.