We are happy to announce that Jens Ryland and Erik Tiwaz (aka Tyr) are back as permanent members of BORKNAGAR, respectively on guitar and bass.


Jens Ryland was a long run member of the band and contributed on THE ARCHAIC COURSE, QUINTESSENCE and EMPIRICISM before he quit the band in 2003, due to other priorities in life.

Erik Tiwaz joined the band in 2000 and participated on Empiricism as a regular member. In 2004 he quit the band due to personal reasons but contributed as a session musician on ORIGIN in 2006.


Jens Ryland comments on his reunion with the band:

"I'm happy to say I'm again joining the proud ranks of BORKNAGAR, but it also feels strange as I have never really cut the string entirely. It's funny how the world turns, and age has not worn out this crew at all, on the contrary the band seems relaxed, content and more than ready for new adventures.
I have had a few years with a quite different focus than music, and while it's been both natural and rewarding I could never leave the world of music entirely. There are some experiences you simply cannot get any other way than playing in a band, and what band suits me better than BORKNAGAR?
The band has a new drive now and what better timing for Tyr and myself to sign in. We're gonna conquer the world, but we will do it BORKNAGAR- style!"


Erik Tiwaz follows up with his comment:

"After many years of lurking in the shadows of the colossi that is BORKNAGAR, I have reached the decision that it is high time that I step forward into the stagelight, to continue where I left off after our 2001 release of EMPIRICISM.
My participation on ORIGIN (2006) renewed my desire to engage actively to further the development of BORKNAGAR. It also made me realize that this is my home base, and where I feel most comfortable contributing musically. It's an arena where we all pull in the same direction, with mutual respect and drive. Having Jens aboard the vessel once more is probably the most natural thing that could happen, and personally I am very happy to be able to work with him again. I feel that this, the EMPIRICISM lineup, is BORKNAGAR's strongest ever, and this is the consensus of the band aswell. I'd have to say though, that the time that I've been away from the band has felt more like a break than anything else, it's like I never really left. Come to think of it, I never really did, did I…?"

Both splits happened in friendly spirit with mutual understanding and respect for the choices that where made. As a band we never re-placed these two fellows and the rest of us agreed to stay as a four piece unit for the future to come. There was never an option to replace Jens Ryland and Erik Tiwaz. And now, looking back, we believe that there was a reason for that. Mentally the guy's never really quit the band and we have basically just waited for the right time for them to stand by our side once again.


We are now in the process of writing the new album, which will be recorded as a six piece band. The album is planned to be released in January 2009.

A new musical journey is about to start and we are all very exited!


On behalf of BORKNAGAR,


Øystein G. Brun