Original BURZUM kunst til salgs

Original BURZUM kunst til salgs


This is a unique opportunity to get your hands on a piece of Norwegian Black Metal history! Original artwork from the Burzum album Dauði Baldrs! Two paintings from the album is put up for a 10 day auction from 20th of March. Starting prize on each painting is 555 $.
These paintings has since they were done on commision and with instructions from the Varg Vikernes been owned by the artist Tania Stene. Varg Vikernes had quite detailed ideas on how he wanted the paintings for the album done, so the motifs can be considered to be his visual ideas.

1. I Heimr Heljar is illustrating the realm of Hel, the Old Norse goddes of death. It is representing both the universe and the netherworld, with the sunwheel representing the circlular life force.

2. Moti Ragnarokum means "towards Ragnarok" the Old Norse ending of the world, and beginning of a new world. The painting is illustrating both the sunset of the old world and the dawning of a new world. The sunwheel is representing the circlular life force.

Artist: Tania Stene
Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Year: 1996

Sold by artist. http://myworld.ebay.com/nachtarth/

Additional info: The album was recorded in jail, and released in 1997. 6 paintings was made for the album that was released on Misanthropy Records. Varg Vikernes himself owns the original paintings Dauði Baldrs and Hermoðr á Helferð. The others has been sold privatly.
The artist Tanja Stene did cover-art and photoshoots for some of the biggest Norwegian Black Metal bands in the 90´s: Ulver, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Emperor, Burzum a.o.