JUDAS PRIEST til Roskilde

JUDAS PRIEST til Roskilde

Get ready for leather, riffs and falsetto vocals There will be massive doses of heavy riffs and leather wear when the British motorcycle rockers play their first concert at Roskilde.

We have more legendary rock history coming to Roskilde Festival. Even a band whose leather boots have never set foot on the Festival Site before.

JUDAS PRIEST (UK) is the unavoidable and authentic band in heavy metal with long hair, studs and cartridge belts. This is the band who once defined true, disobeying rock attitude with "Breaking the Law".

Rob Halford is back behind the microphone. Angel of Retribution from 2005 is the first album with the legendary singer since the start of the 90s, and the band is currently working on an ambitious concept album about the foreseeing Nostradamus. Evidently, the tank is still burning fuming petrol.

Stick your devil horns in the air for Judas Priest. The Brits will remain holy men as long as people find joy and pleasure in heavy metal.

Judas Priest is the unavoidable and authentic band in heavy metal.


Tickets to Roskilde Festival 2008 are available at Roskilde's online ticket office.

See you at Roskilde Festival '08, 3 – 6 July. Warm-up from 29 June at 08.00.