SLAYER til Roskilde

SLAYER til Roskilde

Slayer is back The metal kings make up for last year's cancellation. Battles and The Notwist are also added to the programme.

It is a great pleasure to welcome an old metal favourite back to Roskilde Festival.

Slayer_08.gifSLAYER (US) has produced some absolute landmarks in fast thrash metal – the classics Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss are just few of many highlights. The band certainly still knows how to deliver the goods live as was recently documented on the Unholy Alliance Tour DVD.

Progressive acts in alternative music
But Roskilde Festival does not settle for the four brutal song smiths. The audience can also look forward to two exciting and innovative acts from the alternative end of the genre spectrum.

BATTLES (US) take genres such as math-rock and post-rock and transform these often strict and grave expressions into their own unique, playful and motley melting pot. The result is genre-less and challenging, and at the same time it is almost danceable.

THE NOTWIST (DE) created an unforgettable experience on the basis of the masterpiece Neon Golden when they last visited Roskilde in 2002. The next album – which is released in May – should reportedly be radically different than its predecessor.



Tickets to Roskilde Festival 2008 are available at Roskilde's online ticket office.