Et knippe nye band klare for Roskilde

Et knippe nye band klare for Roskilde


Band of Horses and a heap of heavy boys Sensitive Band of Horses are added to the programme along with a row of tough lads.

One round of radio-friendly pop-rock with an aching heart. Four rounds of hard and heavy rock. Roskilde Festival's music programme is a world of contrasts, and this week's announcement is no exception.

BAND OF HORSES (US) play grandiose and beautiful rock music with a typically American big sound. They followed up their successful debut with Cease to Begin in 2007 – an album which cemented and expanded the band's popularity both in the US and in Europe. Fans of Neil Young and My Morning Jacket will nod in approval of Band of Horses' enjoyable guitar sound.

CLUTCH (US) turn affectionately towards the best heavy rock bands of the 70s and 90s, but they are no one-sided retro-rockers for that reason. The stoner heroes find room for intelligence, a glint in the eye and surprising experiments in the middle of the heavy guitar work.

ENTER SHIKARI (UK) is vibrating rock for people who are fond of Japanese manga looks, glow sticks and stroboscope lights. The dance-enthused new rave wave has gotten its first hardcore band.

JOB FOR A COWBOY (US) plays pitch black death metal with impressive technical skills and attention to details. The band is one of the most requested and mentioned of its kind in a long time.

PILGRIMZ (DK) are dirty like a mechanic's sweat cloth. Some critics have compared their rocking and rolling metal to a toughened up version of The Hives. But when listening to lead singer Max Vegas, you are also easily reminded of a Danish cousin to Pantera's Phil Anselmo.


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