SOLFERNUS – The future of Czech Replublic extreme metal

SOLFERNUS – The future of Czech Replublic extreme metal

Tsjekkiske SOLFERNUS fikk jeg øynene og ørene opp for da Shindy Productions sendte oss noen av sine utgivelser. Bandet hadde en sound som minnet mye om Immortal, noe som også har vist seg å være deres store inspirasjonskilde. Trommis Thomas Corn og vokalist Khaablus har hver hatt sitt intervju her i Eternal Terror og denne gangen er det gitarist, låtskriver og bandets grunnlegger Igor som har stått for informasjonen.

ET – Solfernus is for me a rather new experience, and I think this is the situation for most of our readers too, so please describe your music for our readers.
SOLFERNUS – The band rose in 2003 here in Brno (CZ). We recorded a mini CD-R called “Diabolic Phenomenon” with five songs and our very first professional record is the debut album “Hysteria in Coma”.

Solfernus_Igor_1.jpgET – Solfernus actually had a Norwegian drummer in the beginning. How did the band come together?
SOLFERNUS – Erik studied in our home town at the university and we knew each other for some time. We decided to use his great talent and joined our forces in one band. The result was the mini CD-R “Diabolic Phenomenon”. Then he moved back to Oslo after his studying duties. I am not sure if he still plays. 

ET – Why are you satisfied with Hysteria in Coma, your debut album?
SOLFERNUS – It’s cool stuff, we all love this album. You know, it is the first one and we were so excited when we recorded all the parts into single tracks and had really great fun during our stay in the studio. We also like the sound – it’s heavy and hard, drums sound well, guitars are so rough…

ET – Do you feel like you have accomplished everything you could with Hysteria in Coma?
SOLFERNUS – I think so. As I’ve told you, we love this album all in all.

ET – How has the feedback been so far?
SOLFERNUS – So far, so good. There have been some negative opinions or critical words about the CD, but it’s just usual in this business. And if the criticism is fair-minded so it is always welcomed. Somebody doesn’t like too short record-time, another one image of band members. But it’s OK. 

ET – Are you trying to send a message with your music?
SOLFERNUS – No, we are trying to make the kind of art which we really like and feel, which pulses in our veins and thoughts. That’s why we do what we do. Maybe it will develop in other ways and inspirations in the future but basic thought of SOLFERNUS is to play Metal music in our best. No less, no more actually. 😉

ET – How did you first get attracted to extreme music?
SOLFERNUS – Step by step, probably as the most of other musicians and listeners. You still find out newer and fresher elements in music and it was the same for me. I always liked faster songs, not only in Metal genre. I listened to Iron Maiden, then Slayer, then another more extreme artist. The first one was Slayer I guess and very old Sepultura and Sodom.


ET – Do you prefer to work on the song writing and recording or to be out on the road playing your music?
SOLFERNUS – Both things are interesting and the same + different in one. It’s good to play with the band live and hear that it works and that people like it. Then you can see you do a good job which became probably a message as you asked me. The recording of the music is very interesting and a long process which can upgrade you with new experiences. And if the band members are OK, you can have great fun in studio as well.

ET – What does the future hold for Solfernus?
SOLFERNUS – The second album and I hope some shows again. This is the main thing now. We would like to record three new songs for a promotional record and also a pre-production.

ET – What do you do when you are not focusing on the band?
SOLFERNUS – Drinking with the band. 🙂

ET – What do you believe in?
SOLFERNUS – In daylight in the morning… in dark in the night.

Solfernus_Igor_2.jpgET – What makes you angry?
SOLFERNUS – Sometimes really unnecessary bullshits. I always try to have some distance but you know, there are situations which are stronger than your perception of this crazy world…

ET – Have you started writing material for your next album?
SOLFERNUS – Yes and it seems to be more various than the first record.

ET – The Czech metal scene is for us Norwegians up here not too well known. How would you say the scene is today? Are there a lot of bands worth checking out?
SOLFERNUS – Yes, of course. Sometimes use internet and search for Czech bands. I guess you can find some bands which you will like as in other countries. There are also good concerts and festivals in Czech Republic, Metal TV show…

ET – And to finish of: Why should anybody buy your album?
SOLFERNUS – You know what? Listen to our songs at or, watch our video clip with beautiful girls and then decide if you will buy or die. Thanx for your time and maybe we will meet sometime soon.