Av Stian

ET – What kind of bands have had some kind of influence on you, and in which way?
Dan: As I write the lyrics, I think I am maybe inspired by bands like SHAI HULUD or CATHARSIS. I am trying to express my feelings and emotions in a way that the lyrics are not too flat, but at the same time I don�t like the poetic writing, when you read the lyrics and just can�t get the clue what they deal about. On the new record, I tried to be more outspoken, maybe because I listened to the LEFT FOR DEAD 7� a lot during the writing process, and their lyrics just spit right in your face!

Seb: Musically I think we have a lot of different influences from both scenes, Metal and Hardcore. Beside that you even will hear some classic rock influences. It�s too hard to drop just a few bandnames that inspired during the writing process.

ET – What have you done before, and how did you guys catch up and formed the band Since The day?
Dan: I joined the band end of 2003, after the last singer was forced to quit due to some serious health problems. Before Since the day, I played in southern Germans metal/hardcore outfit Absidia, but had to leave the band because I moved away.

Seb:I guess me and the other 3 members make music together for almost 10 years. In 2001 ,after we all been together in a band called hardboiled and just played in our local area, we came up with the name SINCE THE DAY and deceided to run the band more serious.

ET – This is your first full length record. Can you describe the process of writing the music and lyrics?
Dan: Most of the time, we meet in our rehearsal space and one of us comes up with a more or less complete song. Than we start working on that. Everybody can bring in his thoughts and ideas, so in the end, there is a song that contains influences from all the five of us. The lyrics are up to me because I think I can express them better when I know what they are supposed to transport, which kind of emotions and message. You maybe can do that with lyrics too that you haven�t written yourself, but so far we had no problem with that�

Seb: Well, we spent a lot of time working on the arrangement of the songs and took our time in the studio to work on some parts. We tried to make each song sound different from the other.

ET – I'm a bit curious about the title of this record. What's hidden behind?
Dan: Actually, it is a quote from the film �Stigmata�. Translate into English it means �Not the messenger is important�. For us, it means that we want to deliver a message, but it is not that we want to make the people to copy this attitude but to start thinking on their own. We want to make them see some stuff that surrounds them every day, but which they maybe haven�t seen from that point of view. We don�t want to be preachers, so we, the messenger in this case, are not important! Beside, we were curious to see the reactions on the Spanish title, because everybody expects an English title, because they are used to�

ET – Are there any parts of this production you are particularly happy with?
Dan: I think the whole output worked out pretty good. We are very happy with the production of the songs, recorded in the Kohlekeller studios, where we spend about two weeks and had a hell of a time. The layout, done by Christof from soc8y (, I think is amazing and the little bonus on the cd, the video done by Kube ( was even a surprise for us! So thanks a lot to all the people that help us realizing this thing!!!

ET – I think the music contains a lot of different moods and variety. What can we expect from Since The Day in the future?
Dan: We will try to follow that line to mix various ingredients, Maybe it will be a little more complex. But we can�t say yet what kind of new or different influences will be on our next album. I think we won�t change our style completely, just open it up for new aspects that we haven�t thought of yet. Just the normal process of progression that every band is going through�

ET – Personally I would like to see you on tour. Do you have any plans for this summer, or later on?
Dan: We are working hard on that, but so far, nothing is confirmed yet. We will play a bunch of shows and festivals, just check out our homepage, there you will find all dates and further information concerning the band.