Bedre enn noengang
Av Vidar

Hello, and congratulations with your latest album. A great album I would say, and I�m sure you�re pleased with it yourself?
IMMOLATION – Thanks, and yes we are very pleased with it. It is our best yet for sure. The feeling, the production, the songs,�our most solid and unique album to date!

ET – How has the response to the album been so far?
IMMOLATION – It�s been amazing,..alot of really positive responses from all the major magazines, etc , probably the best we have ever received. There are definitely a lot of people taking notice on this one and we are glad.

ET – Listening to the album I get the feeling that you�ve become much more melodic than before. Do you agree with this?
IMMOLATION – Yes we have. We just added in a lot more of the added melodies to make it more interesting and to keep the flow of the songs going non-stop. The songs are more straight forward. More to the point and really powerful. We tried a few new things, as we always do , trying to take this style a bit further each time. The sound is very smooth on this one and very heavy and dark.

ET – What does the title refer to? Is there a red thread going through the album?
IMMOLATION – The album is definitely tied together, all the songs deal with what is going on in the world today, looking at the struggles of the world as well as our own personal struggles. We put the subject of religion more on the back burner this time and really got into more current issues. I think people will be able to relate to the songs well.

ET – Personally I think �Harnessing Ruin� is a slower album than �Unholy Cult� was. Is it the old age that�s taking it�s toll?
IMMOLATION – Hahaha! Yeah, it probably is! Haha No,..Im just kidding,..actually we just wanted to make things heavier, more powerful, more solid. We use the fast of course, but we like to use the militant beats and feels a lot, they seem more intimidating and dark. There is a lot of different stuff on here though.

ET – Three years between this album and the previous is quite a long time. Any special reason for this?
IMMOLATION – Well this is really only 2 years,..Unholy Cult came out in late 2002, and now we are in early 2005, so its like 2 years, 2 months, haha. We are busy with out daily lives and work, etc. We also did some extensive touring for Unholy Cult, so all that adds up. The bottom line is we try hard to make the wait worth while.

ET – As one of the oldest death metal bands (pun intended) still around, you�ve seen trends and bands come and go, but never changed your style. Do you feel that you�ve found the winning formula? Is it still as fun as it was in 1991?
IMMOLATION – Yes I�d say we are even more ambitious than ever. We have gotten our music down to a science in a way, but it is an evolving science where we are always looking for the next big thing. We are excited to create new music that brings this style to a different place. We strive hard to do that. There is so much potential in the music and it feels like we have just started getting close to where we want it to be.

ET – You released a great DVD last year, any thoughts on that one?
IMMOLATION – I think it was a great DVD for our first one. It shows you Immolation out on the road, some behind the scenes stuff, some pro shot shows, some bootleg looking shows, �in all it�s a great release. It still isn�t out in the states yet, but it will be sometime soon.

ET – When will we get the chance to see you perform in Norway? You would be a sure hit as headliner at the Inferno Festival.
IMMOLATION – Well, tell them to get in touch with us then! Hahah We hope to get over to Norway soon, we were there a while ago, but we look forward to coming back. We plan to maybe do a couple of fests in June if all goes well. We are also doing a US tour with Deicide in June, which should be awesome, along with Skinless and Misery Index.

ET – As one of many other well-known death metal bands you started out on Roadrunner, with the excellent debut �Dawn Of Possession�. When looking back, what is your opinion on those days now, and on Roadrunner Records as well?
IMMOLATION – We were young then, we looked at it in a whole different way. Roadrunner is a great label, we just didn�t know how the business worked at the time. We were just metal and that was it, haha. Now we have a better idea of how things work so we are in a better position now.

ET – You�re signed on Listenable, which in my opinion has one of the most impressing list of bands in their stall that I�ve ever seen. Are you happy with them and the work they have been doing for you?
IMMOLATION – Yes, Laurent Merle at Listenable is good friend and he puts 110 percent into everything we do. He tries hard to make things happen and we are a priority, so it helps a lot. Century Media here in the US is also very supportive, so we are looking forward to the new release.

ET – What is your opinion on the death metal-scene these days?
IMMOLATION – Its getting more popular now, now with videos coming back and getting airplay ,,..the scene is growing so it is a good time.

ET – Pick your all time Top 5 death metal albums and bands.
IMMOLATION – Possessed � Seven Churches
Morbid Angel � Altars of Madness
Autopsy � Severed Survival
Sepultura � Morbid Visions
Death � Scream Bloody Gore

ET � Death metal often cross into black metal territory. What do you think about black metal yourself?
IMMOLATION – I like some of it, just like death metal,�or any other music for that matter. I think we cross into that area, and some others a bit as we have a lot of dark atmosphere in the music.

ET – Your lineup has changed a little. Any comment to that?
IMMOLATION – Steve Shalaty is the new drummer. An amazing drummer and cool guy. Has a very unique style that brings a lot to the band,..and I know he is itching to get out there and tour!

ET – Could you please tell our readers, in your own words, a bit about every Immolation release?
IMMOLATION – No, sorry hahah! Just go to and you�ll get all the info you need!

ET – That�s about it. Thank you and good luck in the future. If one band deserves it, it�s definitely Immolation!
IMMOLATION – Thanks a lot! We appreciate the support and look forward to seeing everyone when we hit Europe again!!

ET – On behalf of the Eternal-Terror staff. Vidar