Polsk band med en noe annerledes sound
Av Rune

VOX INTERIUM er et nytt bekjentskap fra Polen, og stilen her er noe annerledes en hva vi er vant til fra den kanten av death metal verden.

ET � I have been listening to your CD Yearning a lot lately, and the first thing that stroke me was that Vox Interium doesn�t have the same sound and style as most of the other Polish death metal bands. It�s more like a mix of the Polish and Swedish sound. Do you agree?
VOX INTERIUM – Our sound is different from familiar bands, because to be honest, we never were interested or fascinated by the �polish sound�. We try to reach our own original sound and in fact it isn�t important if it is Polish, Swedish or Irish sound � it must be ours.
It is the same in the case of music, which means that we play just like we feel, we don�t want to copy anybody because it would be just a waste of time.

ET � If I say that you are influenced by Swedish death metal bands, what will you answer to that?
VOX INTERIUM – I don�t listen to Swedish metal a lot. I have a few old records myself.
Am I influenced? I do not really know… Swedish metal is real power anyway!

ET � You also have more melodic parts than the rest of the bands from your country. A few words on why you choose to do it like this.
VOX INTERIUM – As I said before, it is natural. Nobody decided about it on some kind of meeting and nobody said �let�s add some melody�. Why should we play and sound like others bands from our country? I�m cosmopolitan and it isn�t important for me where you live, the most important thing is who you are.

ET � There are a lot of variety on the songs on Yearning. Can you describe the vision of the band and also a few words about your style?
VOX INTERIUM – I think that writing about the music is just like writing about colours…
The vision during creating this album was just like that: It had to sound heavily and it had to be �juicy� but the album also needed to have a few melodies and was very sincere.
That is the way how the mixture �Yearning� was made.
Our style… I don�t know what to write… It just must be listened to!

ET � Yearing was released late May this year. How has the response been from the press and fans?
VOX INTERIUM – Since our second album was released, many positive opinions has been said and written in press, internet and zines. We are happy that our music made this kind of reaction.
The truth is that Karmageddon helped us very much in promotion and gave us the possibility to reach new listeners in the whole world!

ET � Vox Interium released an album called Zymonis of Souls on Apocalypse in 2001. Can you tell us a little bit about that album? Is it very different from Yearning?
VOX INTERIUM – �Zymosis of souls� is our first official album. According to our listeners on example of these two albums our evolution is very visible. I haven�t heard �Zymosis…� in a long time, but it is surely very spontaneous and also climatic, I hope it would be possible to reissue it sometime in the future.

ET � You are signed to New Aeon, a sub label to Karmageddon. A few words about them and what it means for a band like Vox Interium to get a contract with a foreign label.
VOX INTERIUM – In the case of Karmageddon Media we have good impressions. They are proffesionals.
We are happy and grateful that we were noticed. For us it is the possibility of reaching people from other countries, it is great!

ET � Vox Interium has released 5 demos before Zymonis of Souls. Tell us a little about them.
VOX INTERIUM – Yes, there was many of them. We recorded every year, and send them to the magazines, radio-stations, zines, we wanted to be seen. By the way, I learned much about recordings; it is something that I always was interested in.
Every demo was recorded in Polish, so they never have been perceptible behind borders of our country… Anyway we treat it like a good lesson and that time wasn�t lost.

ET � What does the future look like for Vox Interium in your dreams? And what does it take to reach what you want?
VOX INTERIUM – We would like to do what we now do; record albums and give good gigs, we also want to have a good promotion and high sale of records, t-shirts and cups… hahaha!

ET � Vox Interium is from a city called Gliwice. Are there lots of metal bands there and how is it to be in a metal band in your home city?
VOX INTERIUM – Except Vox Interium, there are maybe two metal-bands in our city. There aren�t many fans of this kind of music there either. The average people there don�t even have a clue on what we really do.

ET � Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated have a lot of fans outside Poland. Do you think that these 3 bands, among with a few more have open the doors for the rest of the Polish metal scene?
VOX INTERIUM – Well, it�s very possible. Vader was the first who break the border, and then the others did the same. I think it�s good, because here, in Poland are many interesting and original bands. It would be a pity if nobody has ever heard them…

ET � Anything else you want to add?
VOX INTERIUM – I would like to greet all the Eternal Terror Webmagazine readers!